Botox hinders social behaviour suggestion 'ridiculous'

An industry member has labelled recent attacks on Botox™ as 'ridiculous'.

Shami Thomas, PR manager for cosmetic surgery group Transform, made the comment regarding a recent study which claimed that frozen facial muscles are causing women to send out misleading social signals.

However, the cosmetic surgery industry member suggested that these claims were unfounded as the majority of women do not tend to have their "entire face frozen".

Ms Thomas claimed that, contrary to the results of the study, Botox™ can have "amazing" effects.

"It gives a relatively instant effect, it achieves a nice youthful glow and gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles," she said.

A recent study from The Good Surgeon Guide found an increasing number of people turning to cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance.

Over half of Britons surveyed (56 per cent) claimed that they would rather lose weight using weight loss surgery than by eating less and exercising more.


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Botox hinders social behaviour suggestion 'ridiculous'