Book and pay for MRI and X-ray appointments online

Last month, London Imaging Centre announced the launch of online booking and payment for “standard” MRI scans on their online referrer portal, called TREVOR. Now, this functionality has been extended to support all MRI and X-ray appointments.

This means that patients of London Imaging Centre who have a TREVOR account can select an appointment time and pay for their scan online. Referring clinicians of London Imaging Centre can also book appointment times on behalf of their patients on TREVOR*. To celebrate this launch, the centre is offering patients 5% off the cost of their scan when they book and pay for their appointment on TREVOR*; making it the most affordable diagnostic imaging provider in the private healthcare sector with MRI scans starting at £190.

TREVOR is an online community where, depending on the user profile permissions, patients and referring clinicians of London Imaging Centre can view referral information, including scan images, reports and appointment progress online. Referrers are also able to share referrals between one another.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Contact London Imaging Centre for more information.



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Book and pay for MRI and X-ray appointments online

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