Alternatives to HRT 'not on offer'

Doctors are failing to offer women in the UK an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), it has been suggested.

A study conducted through, found that 80 per cent of menopausal women are not being offered a variety of treatments to help them through the transition.

The research showed that upon describing menopausal symptoms to their health care practitioner, 47 per cent of women were prescribed HRT.

However, around half of these later stopped their treatment due to long-term health concerns.

Dr Sarah Brewer, a private GP and specialist in nutritional medicine, commented: "HRT is just one answer but is not a route all women want to take. There are clinically proven natural supplements to help address falling oestrogen levels."

She added: "It is a real shame that this recommendation isn't coming more often from a GP or nurse practitioner - people who have looked after their medical needs all their lives."


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Alternatives to HRT 'not on offer'
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