13 Million cosmetic procedures in 2010

2010 figures recently released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show a massive 13 million cosmetic surgery took place in 2010.

  • 1.6 million of these were surgical procedures, with the breast enlargement topping the list
  • 11.6 million were non-invasive cosmetic treatments, with BOTOX topping the list

It is clear that more women than ever are choosing to increase the size of their breasts, as 39% more women are opting for breast augmentations compared to ten years ago.  

Breast lifts have seen a 70% increase in the ten year period.

However, breast implant removal has fallen by half, indicating that people are happier with the results of the latest implants and surgical techniques.

The Hospital Group is UK leader in cosmetic surgery.  CEO, David Ross, commented: “This research comes as no surprise to The Hospital Group.

Breast augmentation has always been our most popular procedure and we have received thousands of enquiries already this year. 

However, the breast uplift is the breast procedure seeing the biggest increase in enquiries this year, as this procedure becomes better understood.  A breast uplift reshapes rather than enlarges the bust and suits those with sagging breasts particularly after having children, losing weight or due to natural ageing.   

We are also pleased to see lower  instances of breast implant removal, indicating that patients are happy with the results of their surgery.  Breast implants nowadays are manufactured to extremely high standards.  We only use Allergan breast implants at The Hospital Group and we include a lifetime guarantee within the cost of our procedures.”



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13 Million cosmetic procedures in 2010
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