£318 billion worth of mortgages not protected by life insurance

Aviva Health Insurance Ireland has released a new free iPhone application called Health Mate.

Health Mate promotes proactive/preventative health management and is tailored specifically to encourage Irish users to be more active while enabling health conscious users to track their progress and achieve their health goals.

While there are hundreds of health related apps, Health Mate from Aviva is the only pedometer app that provides detailed localised information for the Irish market. The free application works like a traditional pedometer but it also takes into account height, weight and gender to calculate the users BMI, once the BMI is set the user can then start to track their personal health progress.

The application uses the accelerometer within the iPhone to measure movement and estimate the number of steps taken, distance travelled and the number of calories burned. What makes Health Mate unique in Ireland is that the iPhone app comes pre-loaded with close to one hundred popular walking and running routes.

There are 96 individual routes on Health Mate with walking trails in every county in the republic, from Waterford to Westmeath, Mayo to Monaghan, there’s no excuse not to get active. Each of the 96 routes across the country are categorised by time, distance, difficulty level and average calories.

If that’s not enough for walking fans, an additional feature on the iPhone app is the ability to use the GPS on the iPhone, the app will serve up a route based on the user’s current location. The user can also save their own favourite routes on their iPhone.

Health Mate from Aviva is free at the App Store from iPhones, iPod Touch and the iTunes App Store.



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£318 billion worth of mortgages not protected by life insurance
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