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Thread vein treatment FACE Thermocoagulation (trademark name Veinwave™) (ONLY AVAILABLE in our Brist at Veincentre Ltd: Bristol

Veinwave is a technique that has been developed to complement sclerotherapy in order to treat smaller veins, which, usually, sclerotherapy cannot improve. It is therefore ideal for the treatment of rosacea, thread and spider veins. Veinwave uses high frequency microwaves where an ultra-fine insulated needle heats the vessels in the skin, which then creates a thermal lesion that destroys the vein. It is a relatively painless procedure. For facial veins, such as under-eye veins, laser treatments such as Cutera CoolGlide are usually preferred.


Location Price
Veincentre Ltd: Bristol £250 *
National average ( 9 hospitals/clinics ) £300
Average within miles of Go  

* What's included?

The Veincentre Ltd offers competitive prices and are (like John Lewis) never undersold!. They are happy to discuss what's included in the price of the treatments you require.

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