About The Whiteley Clinic Guildford

The Whiteley Clinic Guildford is the headquarters of The Whiteley Clinic, a leading group private medical facilities that specialises in the treatment venous conditions following their own research-based protocol. With bespoke treatment plans designed to treat the underlying cause of a problem, the Clinic offers expert treatment for a comprehensive range of venous conditions including varicose veins, thread veins, phlebitis, leg ulcers, vaginal and vulval varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

The Whiteley Clinic was founded in Guildford by Professor Mark Whiteley, a pioneer in the field of non-surgical varicose veins treatments in the United Kingdom.  Professor Whiteley performed the first endovenous ‘keyhole’ surgery for varicose veins in the UK in 1999 and went on to develop The Whiteley Protocol® , a standard of excellence aimed at ensuring the UK public has access to the very best treatment for varicose veins and other venous problems.

The Whiteley Clinic Guildford is compliant with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for varicose veins and is rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

Research-led treatment

All treatment at The Whiteley Clinic is based on their own award-winning research. Recognised both nationally and internationally for their work and innovation, they have performed over 40,000 minimally invasive ‘keyhole’ procedures to date using laser technology (EVLA), radiofrequency (RFiTT® and Venclose®), Venseal® Glue, Clarivein® (MOCA), Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (USGF), Ambulatory Phlebectomy and Transluminal Occlusion of Perforating veins (TRLOP), a technique developed by Professor Whiteley and Chief Vascular Scientist Judy Holdstock in 2001. The Clinic is also regarded as a leading international centre for the treatment of pelvic vein reflux, including varicose veins of the vulva and vagina.

The Whiteley Protocol®

Based on continued research, audited results and innovative technologies, The Whiteley Protocol® is a constantly evolving method of providing the best possible investigations and treatments for abnormal veins of the legs and / or pelvis. Comprising three stages - medical treatment, reducing future risks and cosmetic - the Protocol is designed to identify and correct the underlying cause of a venous problem, reducing the chance of recurrence to the lowest possible.

All doctors and vascular scientists working at The Whiteley Clinic are trained in The Whiteley Protocol®, ensuring a consistently high standard of treatment and care across the group.

Conditions treated

The Whiteley Clinic Guildford provides expert investigation and treatment of:

Individually tailored treatment plans

Treatment at The Whiteley Clinic Guildford is tailored to the needs of the individual using the very latest walk in walk out techniques. Using The Whiteley Clinic's unique protocol, they are able to gain the best possible understanding of what the problem is and make sure that each patient receives bespoke treatment that not only gives the best possible result in the short term, but also the lowest possible chance of recurrence in the long term.

A Consultation and Personalised Treatment Plan at The Whiteley Clinic Guildford costs £495 and comprises:

  • Initial consultation with an expert Venous Consultant
  • HD Duplex Ultrasound scan performed by a specialist Sonographer
  • Treatment Plan Consultation with a Venous Consultant including a fair and transparent quote

In the media

The Whiteley Clinic regularly features in the media and in 2018 Professor Mark Whiteley was named 'Best for Veins’ in the Tatler Good Surgery Guide.


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