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"I am 55 years old and I checked in as a resident at the Manor Clinic in 2015. It turned out to be 28 days that probably saved my life.

I was an Alcoholic, I had been drinking for years but it was getting worse, I would drink when I was awake, the only thing I could plan was my drinking, my family were in despair, but I saw nothing wrong with my behaviour. After 28 days in the Manor Clinic I was still and always will be, an Alcoholic, but they had given me the tools to contain my illness, as that’s what it is, an illness.

On arriving at the Manor I was detoxed over a period of days and then integrated into Group sessions which took place mornings and afternoons on a daily basis, with some evenings included for visits to AA.

It soon became very apparent that this programme could help me. The therapists were calm and kind, but firm with their goals for us, so professional that they missed nothing. In Group we talked, we discussed each others diaries; the therapists basically stripped me down and built me up again.

After the 28 days I had a structure back in my life, my self esteem had been restored, I was clean, I felt great, but tired, as the Manor make’s sure you contribute to your recovery continually, this was no Spa, this was all about recovery, about realising and containing my illness.

The Manor Clinic residence was good and I cannot thank ALL of the staff, and my PEERS, enough for their help, guidance and kindness during the 28 days. The rooms were spotless, the food was excellent, the lounge was comfortable, but if I wanted some private time, my room had its own TV and Sofa.
The residence was staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I noted that all residents were treated the same, with respect and encouragement.

On leaving the Clinic I was encouraged to phone in daily, and to attend the aftercare meetings once a week, both of which I do.

On the day I left I cried tears of happiness, I was dry, I was Sober, I had met new friends, and I looked forward to showing my family, over a period of time, that I am a better person.

I go to AA meetings locally, have found a sponsor and talk with my Peers regularly. Its like my life has just started again and by working at the programme and with the great support I have, this will continue.
As a final note I would say you have to want this and you have to do as the clinic tells you. It worked for me."
Mark B.

"To all the team at The Manor, I want to thank you all for making my stay a very pleasurable stay. All of you have been fantastic and nothing was too much trouble for you and it was great to have a laugh with you guys too. The Manor was clean, my bedroom was cleaned, the food was great and it all helped towards my ongoing recovery.

I cannot thank my therapists enough, you have shown and taught me that there is more to life than drinking and have shown me how destructive it is. I am an alcoholic and always will be but you have shown me the right way how to manage my addiction. I have started a new chapter in my life now and been given another chance to make amends for the destruction, pain and hurt I have caused.
I will be seeing you again regularly at Aftercare and I will be going to my AA meeting to continue the fantastic sober journey working through the 12 Steps. I am looking forward to it.

The experience so far has been such an eye opener and I have really loved learning all about it even though I still have a long way to go. Thank you so much."
M. 2015

"After a wonderful conversation with him tonight, it reminded me that my wife and I wanted to thank you all for the gift that you have given us… the return of our son. He is so much better and long may it last. He has grasped everything he has been taught by you and we have no doubt that his life is now happier.May we extend once again our sincere thanks and best wishes for Christmas and the New year and by far the best Xmas Present that you could have given us."
Grateful Parents

"I have nothing but the highest praise for the Manor Clinic – as an organisation – and for every member of staff, from domestic and catering, through nursing and therapy, the doctors and the management. I have personal experience of treatment at the Manor and have witnessed the treatment of many others. I have seen the staff bend over backwards and go many extra miles for the most difficult of patients. All of the staff have the care, treatment and recovery of current and former patients as their highest priority, round the clock, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. There are limits of course – the Manor does not restrain or detain – fundamentally, the patient must want help!"

"Two and a half years ago, my alcoholism had taken me close to the bottom of the precipice. I now have to say that I am leading a normal life and am happier than ever before. The Clinic offers excellent rooms and food and has a lovely garden but it was the dedicated team of Therapists, Nurses and Doctors which put me on the path to a happy life in recovery. In addition to the 28 day programme, the Manor offers an after care service which must be second to none. Even after two and a half years, I still telephone the Manor every day to ‘check in’. This gives me a chance to talk to my friends on the nursing staff, knowing that if I had a problem I could speak to a Therapist. I also return once a month (at no extra cost) for a full day in the Clinic. This gives me an opportunity to reflect on my recovery and to meet old friends. I really enjoy these visits – it is just like coming home for the day. The Manor has a good record for long term recovery. I am still in close contact with five people in my group (August to September 2010) who are still sober and I know of two others from the group who are still in recovery. I will be back on the 20th February just before my holiday in Cuba. In recovery, I know that I will fully enjoy this holiday and have some memories to bring back – it wasn’t always like that! I am very grateful to all at the Manor."
John W.

"I made my first call to the Manor, desperate to stop drinking last year. From that moment I received total commitment to my admission with continuous contact and support from that day to my first day there. The support was so positive and got me there despite tragedies that had happened in my family.

From day 1, I was fully supervised and checked round the clock. I felt totally safe and was fully reassured and continuously supported and felt at ease communicating with the dedicated staff even in the middle of the night about my fears and anxieties when I could not sleep.

The Manor’s programme gave me the tools to begin my life without alcohol, one day at a time, leaving there with a good introduction to AA. The Manor had arranged as part of the programme for us to go to several AA meetings which was so helpful and made it easier to go to AA meetings having left there.

The Therapists, all the staff and Psychiatrists encouraged me to no longer see giving up alcohol as a life sentence, but that taking one day at a time following the recovery programme, life was possible without alcohol. I now feel happily sober and have begun to enjoy life on life’s terms.

When I left the Manor, I had a weekly recovery plan which structured my week around AA meetings. The Manor is where my journey without alcohol began, and my journey gets better 1 day at a time. The manor is like my second home! I spend a day there on a regular basis, once a week for the 1st 6 months, this has helped my recovery so much: to see all the lovely staff I have got to know so well.

I do my ground work outside the Manor with the AA recovery programme, then report back to after care, where we discuss what’s happening in my life and where in my life I can improve using the recovery plan and how to deal with difficult situations and emotions without using alcohol.

The aftercare facility has also enabled me to phone the Manor on any day at any time over 24hrs. I have even phoned in early hours in the morning. I phone the Manor most days to keep connected, and  receive support from the very caring devoted staff, who are so easy to talk to and also fun to chat to. They have made my recovery so much easier.

I arrived at the Manor an emotional wreck, not believing I could live life without alcohol. The staff there are extremely professional, caring and very perceptive of personal situations and feelings. No stone was left unturned  and i noticed that they work so well as a team. My emotional  state  was noticed and passed on to other staff on the next shift, I couldn’t believe how they all knew about what was gong on with me on a day to day basis with my progress and emotional state.

I would thoroughly recommend the Manor and I love going back there on a regular basis as this was the foundation of my journey in recovery and 10 months later I am happily sober and enjoying my life.

Thank you again Manor Clinic, without you phoning me back after I rang, I dread to think where I would be now."
Sue, London

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