Ways to pay for private treatment at Moorfields Private Outpatient Centre

Moorfields Private welcomes patients with private medical insurance, patients who are sponsored by a third party or embassy, and patients who wish to fund their own treatment.

Self pay

The hospital accepts all major credit cards, personal cheques with a banker’s card, sterling travellers’ cheques with a passport and cash. Payment is normally required in advance of treatment. A credit option is also available for patients upon request.

Insured patients

Moorfields Private is recognised by all major UK insurers.

Insured patients are politely reminded to contact their insurance company in the first instance to check that they are covered for the treatment they are seeking and to obtain a preauthorisation number, if possible. Although the hospital will invoice an insurer or sponsor directly, prompt processing of claims remains the responsibility of the patient.

Third party/Embassy sponsorship
Patients who have third party sponsorship from an employer, company or embassy, for example, will be asked to provide a letter of guarantee for the total cost of treatment together with a deposit.

Advice for international patients being referred to the hospital from an overseas embassy is available from the hospital’s admission team on +44 (0)20 7566 2600.

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