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What happens if I move?

You may select a different funeral director or amend the existing arrangements. You must advise your funeral plan provider of any permanent change of address as a change in address might result in additional costs payable.

Can I have a refund?

In most cases yes (but check with your provider), unlike other similar insurance policies, most funeral plans provide a refund if you change your mind. If you cancel your plan within 28 days you will receive a full refund of the money you have paid. After this time, a cancellation fee will be deducted from the money refunded. This is to cover various administration charges and means that, as a plan holder, you will be protected against having to pay for other people cancelling their own plans.

What if I require a burial?

This can be included in your plan, but may not pay the full costs. Some providers allow this to be included within the plan but you may find that the purchase of a burial plot is best kept separate.

What if I wish to add services to my plan?

It may be possible to add additional services (such as an extra limousine) to your Plan. Your provider will advise you of the costs. It may also be possible for you to do this at any time.

What if I cannot pay now for all of my plan?

You can usually pay over 12 months without additional cost, or even up to 120 months on flexible payment terms. It is also possible to pay for a simple funeral now, and upgrade it later.

If I pay for my plan by monthly installments and I die before I’ve finished paying, is my funeral still guaranteed?

Yes, the arrangements and price guarantees still remain in place. The balance will be paid by your executors or from your estate.

What if something happens to my funeral plan provider? What happens to my money?

Your provider will place your money in trust providing financial security. As a separate legal entity, it would continue even if something were to happen to your provider, and it would pay for your funeral as and when required.

What if I die while I am away from home?

Some funeral plan providers will pay the removal charges if death occurs away from your permanent address within the UK.

What if I die while I am overseas?

UK plans will not cover repatriation costs if you are away on holiday so check that your travel insurance policy provides full cover for repatriation costs of the body back to your funeral director’s premises, even if you die a natural death. Some policies will only pay if you die from accident or illness; others will only pay for a local burial or cremation, while others will only pay for ashes to be returned, not a body.

What if I move overseas?

If you live all or part of the time outside the UK, you may be able to amend your funeral plan. It depends if you want a burial near your new home overseas, or back in the UK. There are special plans for expatriates.

What if I want to change the arrangements?

You can usually do so at any time, simply by calling your provider.

What if I live to a ripe old age?

Irrespective of how long you live and no matter how much funeral costs rise, you and your loved ones will never be asked for any further contribution to the costs for the items within your funeral plan.

Thinking about funeral plans?

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