Dental insurance for businesses and the self employed

Employees and business owners face exactly the same problems in finding an NHS dentist, and paying for a sudden unexpected round of dental visits, as any individual. Going to the dentist is not a business expense, but providing it as an employee benefit can be.

What does it cover?

Just as with individual dental insurance and maintenance plans, there is a vast difference between what various insurers offer. Some insurers offer a choice of dental cover through products ranging from simple emergency dental cover to complete protection. The basic rule of health insurance applies. The more you pay, the wider cover you get.

Some business plans are company paid. Others are voluntary schemes where the individual director or employee pays for their own cover, either direct, or more frequently as a salary deduction.

Business cover is similar to individual dental insurance, but can offer benefits not available on individual products. Cover, exclusions and restrictions are similar to dental insurance for individuals.

How much does it cost?

This depends on how wide a cover you choose and how many people are covered.



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