Why go private?

There are many reasons to choose private medical treatment. Perhaps you want to avoid a lengthy NHS waiting list? Or you want to arrange your treatment at a time that suits you? Or you want a swifter diagnosis or a second opinion?

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  • Fast Access to treatment
  • Choose your specialist
  • Choose when and where you are treated
  • Get treatments not available on the NHS

Private treatment can usually be carried out quickly. Consultations and appointments take place at times that suit you and recovery from a major operation takes place in a comfortable en-suite room where friends and family can visit with few restrictions.

Many people choose private healthcare because their employer offers insurance as a perk, but you don't need to have insurance to get private treatment. You can simply pay directly for your private treatment; this is known as 'self-paying' and most private hospitals offer fixed price surgery schemes or loans for surgery exactly for this purpose.

Private treatment may not cost as much as you think!

GoPrivate.com offers:
  • Fast access to thousands of specialists
  • Compare costs or get a quote
  • Do your research or get on the Fast Track to private treatment

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