Going private without health insurance

By Keith Pollard on 03 November 2022

Learn the process if you’re paying for your own treatment and get top tips for navigating the system.

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The process:

  • Your GP recommends a consultant or specialist and writes a referral letter
  • You attend an appointment with the consultant where relevant tests are carried out (or are booked for a later date), and your diagnosis and treatment are agreed
    A consultation typically costs £150 to £250 and is normally paid on the day or settled soon afterwards; if you need scans or tests, these may cost extra.
  • Treatment is booked (if necessary) at a time and date that is convenient – note this may be available within an NHS hospital, which may cost less
  • The consultant updates your GP
Top tips:
  • Compare prices, get a quote for treatment or find a hospital/clinic on GoPrivate.com
  • Compare specialists on GoPrivate.com then ask your GP to refer you to a specific consultant
  • Remember to ask your GP for a copy of the referral letter
  • Consider whether you are likely to need post-operative care e.g. physio and factor this into the price

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