Going private with health insurance

By Keith Pollard on 03 November 2022

Learn the process for insured patients and get top tips for navigating the system.

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The process:

  1. Your GP recommends a consultant or specialist and writes a referral letter
  2. You contact your insurance company to check that the treatment is covered and to get authorisation
  3. Your insurance company checks that both the hospital and consultant are covered and they may restrict your choice depending on your level of cover
  4. You attend an appointment with the consultant where relevant tests are carried out (or are booked for a later date), and your diagnosis and treatment are agreed
  5. Treatment is booked (if necessary) at a time and date that is convenient
  6. The consultant updates your GP
  7. Your insurance company settles the hospital and consultant bills, informing you of any shortfall or excess which must be paid
Top tips:
  • Compare specialists on GoPrivate.com then ask your GP to refer you to a specific consultant
  • Remember to ask your GP for a copy of the referral letter
  • Double check what is included in your insurance plan so you don’t get caught out by expensive tests or further appointments

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