All surgical procedures carry some risk and while it is hoped that all medical, dental, or cosmetic surgeries will go smoothly, even with a minor procedure it is reassuring to know that there is expert legal guidance, support and help available to you in the rare event that things do not go to plan. 

Knowing that the medical team performing your surgery are experts is a given, and likewise you can trust that the highly experienced team at Anthony Gold Solicitors is well versed in providing any support you may need post-surgery from a legal perspective. They are experts and you can rely on them to help you if they can.    

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Immediate postoperative complications will be managed during your stay in the hospital so our recommendation is that it is wise to ask your doctor for detailed guidelines on the surgery and what will happen afterwards so that you have a clear understanding of what is typical and what is not for the days following the surgery. This ensures you are fully prepared.

Therefore, we recommend that you make yourself familiar with the post-operative procedures and points of contact, so that you know who to speak with if you have any questions about the surgery, and any issues that may have arisen. That way you can be reassured that you can seek and hopefully obtain an immediate resolution.  If any problems occur after your discharge, our primary recommendation is that you get in touch with the hospital and follow their instructions.


Legal advice for patients

If there is any stage of the process where after speaking with the medical experts, you’re still unsure or unhappy about your recovery, then our recommendation is that you seek expert guidance from a legal team which has experience of dealing with medical mishaps. Inevitably there will be occasional complications that can arise, and you may wish to seek impartial advice from a solicitor or UK law firm that specialises in healthcare litigation. If that is the case then we strongly recommend that you speak with a lawyer who has specific expertise in the healthcare sector. This needs to be a lawyer who is well versed in providing advice to families and individuals who wish to discuss a concern about a healthcare service provider, or a process that may have not gone to plan. Often these initial conversations are free of charge and are intended to explore the issues.



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