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About The Tinnitus Clinic

Based in London's prestigious Harley Street, The Tinnitus Clinic offers the very latest treatments for tinnitus and hearing loss from a team of experienced clinical audiologists. 

Nationwide audiology services

If you are travelling from overseas, we are the first clinic in the UK to be able to provide a full follow up appointment service remotely. Once you have had your device fitted for hearing loss, or tinnitus, you can then continue to live your life to the full in whatever country you usually reside. We also schedule video follow ups when we are able to adjust your device as required without you coming in to the clinic.

With clinics in London Harley Street, Bristol, Edinburgh,GlasgowLeicesterManchester and Newcastle, the Tinnitus Clinic welcomes patients seeking advice and treatment for tinnitus and hearing loss from around the UK and from overseas.

Personalised care for tinnitus and hearing loss

Investing in a full diagnosis and assessment is vital before proceeding with any private treatment. Our specialized clinicians take a full medical history and undertake a range of comprehensive tests before proceeding to diagnosis and treatment options. 

Our assessment is £195, we accept BUPA patients and most private insurance schemes.

Treatment options are discussed with you and tailor-made plan is developed, which is based on the strategies that best suit the individual's lifestyle, needs and budget. A full audiological report is made available to the patient's GP or specialist.

Levo® Therapy 

Day or night time tinnitus problems? Consider Levo Therapy®

If your tinnitus is causing you sleepless night as well as problems during the day then Levo® Therapy System for tinnitus may be right for you. This only available at The Tinnitus Clinic and in USA is registered as a Veterans Association approved treatment for tinnitus

Levo® Therapy System for Tinnitus has been developed by the team at Otoharmonics® Corporation who are based in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is sound-based therapy which works with the brain’s natural plasticity to help the brain get used to, or habituate, to the tinnitus sound within the hearing centre of the brain.

Other treatments for tinnitus

The Tinnitus Clinic offers the full range of modern treatments and management strategies for tinnitus. Their audiologists are highly skilled in the counselling and relaxation techniques utilised in Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapy™ (TDT), and offer expert sleep therapy.

Tinnitus management devices available include an ambient sound generator that helps a person to become less aware of their tinnitus in quiet situations. The Tinnitus Clinic is the only provider of Acoustic CR Neuromodulation. This is a very specific targeted treatment and can be useful for specific profiles of tinnitus. 

Digital hearing aids for hearing loss and tinnitus

The specialist audiologists at The Tinnitus Clinic offer expert assessment of hearing loss and accurate fitting of the latest discreet and effective digital hearing aids.  Hearing loss can also exacerbate tinnitus, and the fitting of a digital hearing aid is often recommended as an effective management option for the condition. Prices for hearing aids are inclusive of consultation and tuning.

ENT Consultations

The Tinnitus Clinic in Harley Street works with award winning Consultant ENT surgeon Dr Nitesh Patel to provide expert assessment and diagnosis of ear problems.  Holding NHS consultant posts at Whipps Cross University and Newham University Hospitals in London, Dr Patel holds a regular ENT clinic for tinnitus and hearing loss related patients every second Friday at 86 Harley Street.

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Treatment at The Tinnitus Clinic

As the leading provider of the latest evidence-based tinnitus treatments in the UK, The Tinnitus Clinic is committed to providing effective personalised solutions for hearing loss and tinnitus symptoms. The offer a range of treatments, including: 


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People that work at The Tinnitus Clinic

The experienced clinicians at The Tinnitus Clinic are dedicated to audiological best practice for the treatment of tinnitus and hearing loss.

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Ways to pay for private treatment at The Tinnitus Clinic

The Tinnitus Clinic welcomes patients with private health insurance, referrals from a doctor or self referral and self pay.

There is no need to be referred by a doctor, however we are pleased to receive referrals from GP’s and ENT consultants from Harley Street and elsewhere.

Our self-pay prices can be found here

We can provide finance for patients residing in the UK with a UK bank account. Payment may be made by any valid credit or debit card which has more than one month before its expiration date. We accept cash by arrangement.

Self pay

An initial assessment at The Tinnitus Clinic costs £195. Treatment prices are as follows:

Payment for treatment is due in full at the time of treatment, by cash in British Sterling or by credit or debit card, including American Express.

Insured patients

Some medical insurance companies may cover the cost of a tinnitus assessment consultation and other treatments such as removal of ear wax. Patients are advised to contact their insurer for pre-authorisation prior to their initial appointment.

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