Saad Khalaf
Saad Khalaf

Consultant Psychiatrist

Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, West London

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Treatments provided by Saad Khalaf

Dr Khalaf specialises in treating patients suffering from a wide range of psychiatric conditions, including bipolar disorder.

Dr Saad Khalaf's initial consultation fee is between £300 and £350 depending on the complexity of the case, and follow up prices are dependent on time, but the average price is £180. He is available for consultation on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's, and is able to arrange to see patients outside of those days if need be.

Treatments, operations and tests

Mental health treatment

Mental health problems cover a wide range of issues, from those that are part of serious, long-term conditions to worries we all experience during day to day life. Most symptoms affect the way a person thinks or feels, treatment can vary greatly including courses of drugs and therapy and the course decided on depends heavily on the individual needs

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment uses a variety of techniques to arrive at a conclusion about the psychological health of the patient, so that help can be provided as necessary. Major components of assessments are, standardised tests, interviews, personal observation and informal assessment.

I specialise in...

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Alzheimer's disease