Governing bodies for UK doctors and specialists

Governing bodies for UK doctors and specialists

Governing bodies for UK doctors and specialists

In order to practice medicine in the UK doctors must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC’s Medical Register of UK doctors lists all medical practitioners qualified to practise in the UK.  Doctors must have full registration for unsupervised medical practice in the UK health service or private practice in the UK 

They also need specialist registration if they wish to take up a consultant post (other than a locum consultant post), and/or GP registration for GP work, including locums, within the UK health service.  Doctors are entitled to full registration with the GMC after the end of Foundation Year 1.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is the professional association which represents doctors from all branches of medicine in the UK. The BMA has a small public information service, staffed by information officers, which advises the public on BMA policy and other related health issues 

 The Council of Heads of Medical Schools provides information about medical education and training, and their web site has a list of UK medical schools.  

Checking a doctor's registration

The GMC has an online database of registered doctors on their website - the List of Registered Medical Practitioners - a medical directory for the UK.  They cannot provide information on a doctor's particular expertise or whether they carry out a particular medical procedure or treatment.

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