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Raj Mallipeddi

Private Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Specialist

, London

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Recommendations and patient stories for Raj Mallipeddi

I had a BCC on my nose, and I was very worried about how it would look after surgery. Dr Raj Mallipeddi has an outstanding reputation so I decided to put my face in his hands! Thanks to his incredible skill, I know it will look amazing when it’s fully healed. I was incredibly nervous but his friendly, compassionate and professional manner put me at ease. I emailed him a couple of times after the surgery and he replied very quickly (he even called on a Saturday morning). He genuinely cares and this made the experience as stress-free as it could be. The nurses were absolutely wonderful. One said “any doctor can do the training but this man has a gift.” It sums up my experience perfectly. I’m very grateful to Dr Mallipeddi for his skill and for being so kind to me throughout. Thank you, Raj!

Ms H Doble

I recommend Dr Adam. He treated some actinic keratosis on my hands. He has a pleasant disposition and is very thorough and caring.

Ms A Barrett

I express my sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Raj Mallipeddi for the highly skilled job of removing a basal cell carcinoma from my nose. His attitude of quiet confidence, concern about the surgical detail and a sprinkling of humour put me at ease from the first consultation. Dr. Mallipeddi is an expert at the Mohs technique, so although I was shocked to see the post surgical image of my nose, I knew the healing process would start in earnest immediately. Because Dr. Mallipeddi utilizes Mohs surgery, I knew I was leaving the Lister with NO cancer. His skill and choice of procedure would allow me to heal well ........once!

Dr S. Garratt

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I saw another surgeon prior to Christmas who left me feeling extremely anxious, I did more research and found Dr Raj Mallipeddi. As soon as I met him I felt completely at ease and reassured that I was in the best hands.He is very unassuming, personable, professional and has a great sense of humour.The surgery (MOHS for nbcc on nasal tip) was performed three weeks ago with care and precision.The result is amazing.I am fortunate to have found Dr Raj.I know that I have a much smaller defect as a result of his expertise and concern about aesthetics.He was so keen to let me know that he had managed to get the tumour out that he told me at the door of the corridor rather than have me suffer anxiety one second more than necessary. He has the hands of a magician. I can't recommend him highly enough. Anne Barrett Mar 2018

Ms A.B

I had a rare form of skin cancer beneath the eyebrow in respect of which Dr Mallipeddi performed Mohs surgery. I instantly felt happy to be in Dr Mallipeddi’s hands when I first met him; he has a relaxed and reassuring demeanour (very important in my view) and came across as a top professional in whom I had complete confidence. I was extremely impressed with the conduct of the procedure itself; it was clear to me how Dr Mallipeddi displayed tremendous care, effort and skill from beginning to end. His obvious delight when the all clear came through showed how much pride and dedication he puts into his work and the pleasure he derives from applying his rare and valuable skills. I would recommend Dr Mallipeddi unreservedly. Thank you Dr Mallipeddi, I am indebted to you. Chris Murphy

Mr C. Murphy

I have had three different surgeries for BCCs on my face performed by Dr. Mallipeddi including one on my ear lobe, and two on my face. Following my experience with the first surgery on my ear I have not hesitated to go back to Dr. Mallipeddi. He is truly a master of his profession. I was very concerned about the aesthetic consequences of the surgeries given where the BCCs were on my face but Dr. Mallipeddi did such a wonderful job on all three that the scars are barely noticeable. As many people say here, his gregarious manner helps put you at ease very quickly.


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I know in a professional capacity my treatment (BCC removal / Mohs surgery) was at the less concerning end of what Dr Mallipeddi deals with, however it was something that could have worried me a lot more had I not been treated by someone as personable and professional as him. A couple of weeks on and it is healing really well. I am certain there will be very little evidence, if any, that I had surgery at all.


Dr Mallipeddi performed Mohs treatment on my nose – the operation was quick and efficient and to my absolute surprise was painless! Dr Mallipeddi style immediately puts you at ease and two weeks on the scarring on my nose has nearly gone. I would certainly recommend him and his team.


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I would highly recommend Dr Raj Mallipeddi. Very personable making one feel very comfortable immediately and of course extremely knowledgeable! Wonderful service and great care from one of the best! Huge thank you Raj

Julia B

Dr Raj removed 2 basal cell carcinomas from my face this June. It was very visible and I was dreading having a badly scarred face afterwards. I need not have worried. Dr Raj's technique and stitching was brilliant. Now 3 months later you really can hardly see a thing. My friends come up to me looking for the big scars and are disappointed. I enjoyed his confident and friendly manner - it didn't feel like such a big thing once I'd had my initial consultation.

Fiona H

Having had major surgery for prostate cancer and having just been through a lengthy course of radiotherapy the last thing I wanted was more cancer! Raj immediately put me at ease, the procedure at the new and swish Cancer Centre at Guys Hospital was swift and mercifully the pathology was good. I had not realised until my sign off consultation that the hole in my scalp caused by the BCC excision was large and deep. His closure work was supreme and the residual scar is fast disappearing and even the small amount of hair removed is starting to regrow. That you Raj Mallipeddi so much for all your care, humanity and professionalism. Mark, Buckinghamshir

Mark S

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I had a number of consultations regarding treatment options for a venous lake on my lower lip which were very unsatisfactory until I discovered Dr Mallipeddi. After an initial discussion over the telephone I saw him at Guy's Hospital and he treated my lip there and then. The results are fantastic - immediately following treatment with Nd:YAG laser the lesion had disappeared, there was a some swelling and minor bleeding for a few days (I still went to work etc) but by two weeks this had resolved. Now, five weeks later, my lip looks and feels completely normal. Dr Mallipeddi was thorough, efficient and put me at ease. I would certainly recommend him to others for treatment.

Dr V Bryant

Dr Mallipeddi and all his staff at the Lister hospital were extremely professional and comforting when I had a BCC removed from my face. The whole procedure was done with great care and precision and I cannot thank them enough. Doctor Mallipeddi has a great and entertaining bedside manner.


Dr Mallipeddi performed Mohs surgery on my nose in May to remove a fairly large BCC. Again recently, in October this year he removed a very large BCC from my temple. On both occasions he and his wonderful team looked after me with great care and compassion. Dr Mallipeddi's skill is amazing. The scarring on my nose is virtually invisible, and my temple/scalp is healing extremely well after only 2 weeks. The original consultations provided comfort and confidence. Dr Mallipeddi is supremely professional, whilst his friendly manner is very welcome. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Dr Mallipeddi!

Jill V

Raj is incredibly efficient and reassuring in his manner. You do not doubt his professionalism or abilities for a minute. He conducted Mohs surgery on my lip and did a fantastic job, i still can't quite believe how well it has healed. I would recommend Raj without hesitation. Mark

M Perry

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I was fortunate to be referred to Dr Raj Mallipeddi for removal of a BCC beneath my eye. Dr Mallipeddi was incredibly efficient both in responding to enquires and in performing the procedure. He was professional yet had a very easy going and approachable manner. My surgery was performed a few days ago and thanks to Dr Mallipeddi and the kind nurses, it couldn't have gone better. Through his easy going manner Dr Mallipeddi made it as stress free as possible and he successfully removed the BCC. I'm delighted with the repair he performed. It's incredibly neat and cleverly positioned. I completely agree with the review by Richard Tremeer below, Dr Mallipeddi is magician-like in his work. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been under Dr Mallipeddi's care. A huge thanks!

Claire W

Dr Raj Mallipeddi recently performed Mohs surgery on my nose to remove a pair of bcc’s. Raj’s pre-op consultations were very prompt, informative and decisive after the initial diagnosis, ensuring that any anxieties that I might have held were effectively minimised. Raj was at all times fully engaged with my needs as a patient and managed to present himself professionally and with a sense of humour. The surgery too was flawless in its execution and the service by Raj and his team at St Thomas’ was exemplary. It’s now 5 weeks since my surgery and I’m left with barely a trace of the procedure. I truthfully feel that Raj’s work was nothing short of magician-like and would have absolutely no reservations in recommending him for the most complex of procedures - Richard Tremeer.

Richard Tremeer

Finding out you have a Basel -Cell Carcinoma is upsetting and stressful,however I was very lucky to be put under the care of Dr Raj Mallipeddi.From my first appointment with him he put me at ease with his professional carering manner, the Biopsy report was sent speedily and the surgery option explained in great detail giving me great confidence of the procedure to follow. On the day of the Surgery the whole experience was super efficient,Dr Mallipeddi and his great team gave me a five star service ,friendly, kind ,and ultra professional. I feel very fortunate to have been treated by such talented personal. I am now in the healing process and look forward to seeing Dr M for my follow up appointment. I cannot recommend Dr Mallipeddi highly enough, A massive thanks

Francis 51

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I recently had Mohs surgery with Dr Mallipeddi, and I’m happy to report that the surgery itself went flawlessly. I had this procedure done in order to remove a basal-cell carcinoma from my left forehead. The Doctor performed this surgery in a very professional and efficient manner. As I write this, it has been 15 days after this procedure, and it is healing perfectly, with minimal pain and scarring! I also wanted to state that Dr Mallipeddi also does an excellent job at making you feel at-ease and comfortable during the procedure, even during the most stressful moments of it! I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend this doctor, whether you place your value on professionalism and competence, a friendly and caring attitude exhibited from doctor to patient, or both!


Another highly regarded dermatologist referred me to Raj Mallipedi as the area concerned was "delicate and required special skills" I am still reflecting on how and why my experience was so stress free. Firstly he is super efficient it's all happens there and then and he explains everything completely and therefore you have a feeling of confidence and are less anxious. Secondly there is no sense of him being in another universe called Doctor World !! Indeed he is witty and kind and involved with how you are feeling in just the right way. Really all doctors could take a lesson from him in how to deal with patients but of course it really helps if you truly know exactly what you are doing and you clearly love your job . I have no scar at all by the way . Many thanks Frances McGarry

Frances McGarry

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I have seen Raj on a couple of occasions both times with great success. The second was to remove a cyst in a very prominent position on my left cheek, clearly I had concerns about scaring. His skill is remarkable and I have been left with virtually no mark at all. In fact I regularly invite people to find the scar without success. As well as his surgical skills Raj is engaging, thoughtful and kind. I have recommended him to others with similar results and would do so again without hesitation.


Dr Mallipeddi removed a bcc from my head. He did an excellent job, and the site has healed perfectly. He is friendly, professional and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.


Dr Mallipeddi came highly recommended and I can see why. A kind, caring, interested doctor who took my concerns seriously and did everything he could to reassure me. He is also super efficient and was able to complete the procedure immediately and had the results 2 days earlier than anticipated. He is my dermatologist for the future and I will be making sure my friends and family use him as well.

Tara Harman

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Dr Malipeddi was friendly, prompt, helpful and professional. On both occasions I saw him he completed the procedure perfectly and I am very happy with my experience and the results. I highly recommend him as a doctor if you are thinking of having a procedure in his field done.


I have had two operations on my nose for BCCs diffused over small areas, conducted by Dr.Mallippedi. His work was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to see him for skin cancer treatment. Apart from his skills, he is very quick, humorous and easy to talk to. Thank you, Dr. M!


I have seen Dr Mallipeddi for 2 separate procedures now on possible skin cancers on my face. On both occasions he has been very professional, honest and prompt in both seeing me and with any correspondence. He has carried out two biopsies on my face, these were both done with great precision leaving no scarring.



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