The Affordable Private Healthcare Guide

The Affordable Private Healthcare Guide is an independent guide, published by Intuition Communication, for patients who find they are considering the option of ‘going private’. 

The guide helps patients understand the complex nature of the private healthcare market, and how they can find the information they need about price and quality to make an informed decision about any medical treatment or cosmetic procedure. 

The guide covers all aspects of Private Healthcare including:

  • Why go private? (page 4)
  • The “Going Private” price guide (page 13)
  • Going private on the NHS (page 6)
  • What’s covered? (page 22)
  • Health Cash Plans (page 24) 
  • The Harley Street options (page 20)

The Guide looks at the pros and cons of going private, how to choose a hospital or doctor and how to get a better deal. It has also been published in print form to be found in patient waiting areas across the UK.



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