Symptoms, diagnosis and causes of long-sightedness

Symptoms, diagnosis and causes of long-sightedness

Symptoms, diagnosis and causes of long-sightedness

Symptoms, diagnosis and causes of long-sightedness

Operations and procedures

Hypermetropia also known as long-sightedness or far-sightedness, is an eye defect and is characterized by inadequate vision of near objects. This results from abnormal focussing of image in eye.

Incidence, age and sex

Hypermetropia can occur in any age group. But it is more common in adults; however it is a normal occurrence in infants which extends up to the age of 5 years.

Signs and symptoms

Individuals with hypermetropia experience difficulty in focussing on near objects resulting in burning sensation and pain in the eyes. Some individuals experience intense and nagging headache, especially while reading. Other features include crossed eyes (in children) and blurring of vision.

The eye must be examined by an eye specialist to confirm the diagnosis. Refraction is done to assess the condition. Other tests like slit lamp examination and retinal examination may also be done to study the affected eyes.

Causes and prevention

Hypermetropia is present normally in infants since birth. The intensity of such hypermetropia is +4 dioptres and it usually resolves by the age of 5 years when the eyeball lengthens. But in some children, it may continue to later age. Such a condition is termed as ‘congenital hypermetropia’. Other causes of hypermetropia include short eyeball and flat cornea. Family history of hypermetropia may also contribute to causation. The exact pathology behind hypermetropia is that the image gets focussed, not at retina, but at a point behind the retina.


Longstanding cases of hypermetropia may result in serious eye complications like glaucoma (permanent eye damage due to raised intraocular pressure) and lazy eye.

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Symptoms, diagnosis and causes of long-sightedness

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