Introducing paediatrics and private healthcare

Paediatrics as a branch of medicine is not always associated with private healthcare but it is an area that has seen a lot of growth in recent years. Many illnesses and health conditions that affect children can be treated in the private healthcare sector, from the relatively minor such as squints and hayfever to extremely complex problems such as childhood cancers and neurological problems.

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has an outstanding reputation in paediatrics and private health services are in place to complement and support that, and to offer a greater choice to parents who have private health insurance, either through personal choice, or through an employment package. Many policies offer the option of including your partner and your children, right from when they are newborn.

The purpose of this guide is to illustrate and inform you of the breadth of paediatric care that is available in private hospitals in the UK today. Some of the treatments are very specialized and will only be available at dedicated centres in private clinics in London but others will be available to you locally.

Experienced paediatricians in private healthcare

The medical teams working in paediatrics often treat only children, not adults, so are extremely knowledgeable about the health problems that affect people under 18. Many of the consultants in the private hospitals in London that specialize in paediatric care, such as the Portland Hospital, also work in paediatric departments in the leading NHS children’s hospitals such as Great Ormond Street.

Paediatrics in private healthcare facilities

The private sector offers the whole range of assessment and diagnostic procedures, either used with children during a hospital stay, or in their outpatient clinics. Clinical staff trained in paediatrics are very skilled at making children feel safe and comfortable and also reassure and support worried parents. Treatment facilities are available for a wide range of health conditions such as ear and eye care, skin problems, hormonal conditions, heart problems, kidney and liver dysfunction, neurological disorders, broken bones and orthopaedics and more. Most private hospitals also offer private antenatal care and birth centres, with support and aftercare once your baby is born.

The paediatrics in private healthcare guide

The guide that follows provides detailed information for parents about the different health conditions that affect children, including symptoms to look out for, and treatments available. All of the health problems covered are treated within the NHS, either by your own GP or by NHS paediatrics specialists. Care in all the different areas is also available within the private healthcare sector.

Whether you have private healthcare insurance or not, knowledge of what is available gives you greater choice if you are faced with decisions about your child’s health. Even if you do not opt for private care every time, it can be useful to know what is on offer so that you can pick and choose the private healthcare services in paediatrics that will be the most valuable to you and your child.



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