The Private Clinic briefly outlines the differences between Laser Hair Removal and IPL, to help patients understand their options for hair removal treatment.

For centuries, men and women have sought after long-term hair removal solutions to reduce embarrassing and excessive body hair. Unfortunately, many conventional hair removal techniques are temporary, time-consuming and can result in thousands of pounds being spent yearly.

The options for permanent hair removal are far and few between, with the only proven method being Laser Hair Removal. Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL) has been proven to help reduce unwanted body hair, but results are not as effective, efficient or as permanent as with Laser Hair Removal. With both treatments being offered publicly as delivering the same results, it’s no wonder that most people have a tough time deciding on the best treatment to go for.

IPL: Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

This treatment involves a series of broad wavelengths of light that are directed towards the hair shafts through the skin’s surface. As the light is not concentrated into a beam, penetration through skin is shallow, making this treatment somewhat ineffective at permanently targeting the hair follicle. IPL has proven to help nourish fine blood vessels and treat superficial pigmentation of the skin, so it serves as an excellent treatment for skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Unlike IPL, laser hair removal treatments use a laser machine that focuses a beam of pure light onto the melanin of targeted hair follicles. This treatment is effective for removal of deeper rooted hair, and the laser machine wavelength can be adjusted accordingly to the patient’s needs, decreasing the risk of over-exposure and burns. Most courses require three to six laser hair sessions for optimal, lasting results. Hair can be removed from all areas of the body, and is also suitable for coarse hair types. Laser Hair Removal systems have been on the market since the 90’s, with continuous research and development introducing advanced laser systems. Newer lasers are now designed to make treatments quicker and safer.

Laser Hair removal is often the topic of concern for people with dark and tanned skin. It is crucial that Laser Hair Removal treatments are carried out under conditions that are appropriate for the patient’s skin tone and texture. Our qualified laser practitioners have years of experience in treating various skin tones, and assess each of our patients accordingly.


  • Laser Hair Removal is a more expensive than IPL, but is the long-term solution for hair removal.
  • Laser treatments target several hairs at a time, and can also treat larger areas of the body. IPL covers areas of the body that have fewer, finer hairs.
  • Laser settings are adjusted to suit the patient’s skin tone and hair type, reducing risk of skin burns, IPL settings are fixed and can seriously burn darker skin tones.

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