What to watch out for with virtual cosmetic surgery consultations

The Covid-19 lockdown has resulted in many plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics closing their doors. As time has progressed, many have started to offer virtual or digital consultations as an alternative to a face-to-face consultation.

“Lots of clinics, including The Private Clinic, have had to adapt to new ways of working to keep things as stable as possible during lockdown” says Mr Adrian Richards, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Private Clinic. “It’s imperative that if you’re thinking of booking a video consultation with a clinic, that you’re equipped with the right knowledge to ensure the consultation adheres to guidance and standard industry practice” he continues.

As one of the UK’s leading award-winning cosmetic surgery clinics, The Private Clinic has released advice on how to ensure that you get the best out of your consultation and what to watch out for.

  1. Online consultations should take place over a secure video hosting platform rather than FaceTime or a WhatsApp call. The room should have functionality so that it is private with no risk of anyone else joining.
  2. Surgeons or practitioners should not be using their personal phone or computer to hold a video call with a patient. They should be using a company supplied phone, laptop or computer which has a secure encrypted clinic software system. Storing a patient’s personal data on a personal device is a breach of GDPR and you should ask to see the clinic’s policy on this before accepting a consultation.
  3. Surgical consultations in particular should have a chaperone to accompany the patient and ensure everything is handled correctly. This should still stand for video consultations, check with the clinic before your appointment that your call will have a chaperone present to ensure that protocols are being followed.
  4. Providing your medical history is standard protocol before a consultation takes place, this allows your surgeon, doctor, or practitioner to have all the information they need to ensure that any advice given is appropriate to your individual needs.
  5. You will be entitled to a ‘cooling-off’ period after your consultation. This is time for you to consider all the information that was presented to you and make a more informed decision. Do not feel pressured into booking any dates whilst on your call.

By following this guidance, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your consultation is being carried out in a professional, safe, and legal manner.

The Private Clinic now have a virtual consultation room to continue providing the best advice and care to their patients. They will also be offering online video consultations with surgeons for selected treatments.

At The Private Clinic, their priority is you. They pride themselves on offering a high level of pre- and post-operative care, offering patients reassurance about safety, expertise, and the quality of treatment that they are receiving. The Private Clinic’s professionals understand that each patient is unique and will heal differently which is why they offer care tailored to all individuals. They have years of experience and feel confident that your journey with them will be an excellent one.

To find out more about cosmetic surgery, liposuction, vascular surgery, hair transplants and bunion removal procedures at The Private Clinic, visit their website or give them a call on 03339209135 to book a consultation.

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