We often take out insurance for things like our cars or for our pets, but it is also available for your health. Private health insurance, sometimes known as private medical insurance, is a policy that you take out through an insurance provider, to cover you for certain conditions or treatments if you become unwell.

Every UK resident has access to the NHS. Private Health Insurance is separate from this and comes with additional benefits, including:

  • Quicker diagnosis
  • A selection of private hospitals and facilities
  • Shorter waiting times to see your doctor or surgeon
  • Appointments at a time convenient for you
  • 24 hour medical advice lines
  • Member reward discounts

You may also gain access to treatments that aren’t available on the NHS due to cost, or specialist drugs or therapies. Ordinarily, these might not be affordable, but private health insurance can help with covering the costs.

Who has Private Health Insurance?

Many people take out private healthcare plans to complement the treatment available to them on the NHS. It is estimated that around 5.3 million people had private medical insurance in 2015 and around £25 billion was spent on private healthcare in the year 2013 according to the Nuffield Trust.

How do I Choose a Policy?

CS Healthcare specialises in providing health insurance to those who work, or have worked, in the civil or public service and their families. They offer a choice of two private medical plans to meet different needs and budgets. The type of insurance you can get depends on a few factors. Your previous medical history, lifestyle, budget and individual needs will all be considered to make sure you get the best cover possible.

Make sure you read their Frequently Asked Questions on our site to help make the best decision on your private health insurance.

What Won’t be Covered by my Insurance?

Like any type of insurance, there are restrictions and limits to private medical cover which are different for each individual person. General exclusions include chronic conditions, routine monitoring and emergency treatment.

Always make sure you go over all the finer details of your plan before you commit to it, and feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at CS Healthcare if you require any help or advice.


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What is Private Health Insurance?
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