Wearable technology

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One of the most popular Christmas gifts of this year was wearable technology. There are a lot of positives to wearable technology; it significantly helps with exercising, and understanding our body, but can there be downsides to this technology? Could it make us obsess over our weight and health to a point where it becomes unhealthy?

Wearable technology started with a pedometer, calculating how many steps we had taken that day- maybe some of the more advanced could work out how many calories were burned, but they are nothing compared to what can be achieved today. Tracking your heart rate, your active minutes, as well as your progress over time.

These features are amazing if you have an event you are training for or trying to reach a goal, such as a marathon or run 5k. The rise in fitness technology shows us that we are becoming more and more aware of our health and physical fitness, which can only be a good thing. Starting to become fit is as much about being really healthy as it is achieving something great, and statistics there to encourage you along your journey can be very positive.

The only important thing is to not let it get you down. If your stats aren’t going up as fast as you would hope, or you’ve had to miss a few days of training, it doesn’t matter, as long as you stay positive and don’t judge yourself too harshly.

All in all, the addition of fitness tech to your life would on the whole be a positive one, as it would help you to stay on track and keep an eye on your goals- just don’t let it take over your life!

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Wearable technology