Vaser lipo at The Private Clinic

Due to medical and technological advancements liposuction has evolved from an arduous operation to a walk-in, walk-out convenient procedure. It is nevertheless still a medical treatment that should only be carried out by medical professionals.

The Private Clinic is very much of the opinion that if you are making any changes to your body then it is not worth cutting corners. Providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision and assigning a qualified and experienced surgeon to you is what they do. 

What was liposuction like before?

In the past liposuction, along with the cosmetic surgery sector in general, was unregulated. Surgeons just went in! Anaesthetic could be local or general depending on the doctor and results were patchy and occasionally dangerous, giving the industry a bad reputation. Bleeding and bruising was common with transfusions needed when too much blood was lost.

How has liposuction changed?

Technology has advanced greatly, and at The Private Clinic they only work with surgeons who are pioneers and are respected and revered in their relevant fields. They use only the best and most advanced techniques. VASER Lipo is one of the most popular treatments. Vaser Lipo is minimally invasive, so is not an operation as such, it’s more of a cosmetic procedure. It’s done under local anaesthetic, so you’re awake and feeling fine throughout. A little probe transmits ultrasound energy turning fat cells to liquid before they are sucked out through a little tube. It is so advanced and can be altered or tailored to suit each body type and area. There’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach.

What makes liposuction at The Private Clinic special?

They perform nearly all procedures in-house, so aim to look after you from the moment you pick up the phone until well after you’re enjoying your results. This may be at any of their nine clinics nationwide or at their central London purpose built hospital. On occasion another hospital will be carefully selected  for you, if it is considerred more convenient for you or gives you access to better results.

"Our priority is you."

Vaser lipo is only a day case procedure but it’s still worth remembering it’s not a shortcut to a great body and it can take up to a year to see the full benefit of your results. The idea of ‘lunchtime lipo’ has some basis in truth in that it’s so easy and convenient to do now, but really you will need some time off work to recover. Think of it as the cherry on top of eating well and working out. It’s perfect for those stubborn fat pockets we all have somewhere. Moreover it is not a weight loss procedure but more of a body sculpt for stubborn areas. If you have excess loose skin a tummy tuck will be a better option for you.

They are so proud of their results at The London Clinic but nothing makes them happier than seeing patients happy too. They invite you to take a look at the before and after pictures on their website. When you have a consultation with a surgeon they can also talk you through previous patients who have agreed to have their story shared. A good surgeon will always have ‘before and afters’ ready to show, and at The Private Clinic transparency is everything, they are totally honest with their patients and want them to be as informed as possible.

To book a liposuction consultation at any of The Private Clinic's locations nationwide you can call them on 03339209135. Their doctors and medical teams are highly experienced and give personalised superb service.

Because it’s your body.

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