I have been nursing for over 15 years and every day I feel very honoured to be in the profession. When I can make a difference for my patients and their families, be it lifesaving clinical care or sitting with a patient who is anxious and just ‘being there’ is what makes me proud to be a nurse. 

Throughout my career I have had days where I felt lack of time had prevented me from delivering care to the very high standard I strive for every time, until I joined Nuffield Health. Working at Nuffield Health Hospitals I have the ‘Time to Care’ as Nuffield Health values are all about caring and making a positive difference to all our patients and their families. The importance of person centred individualised care is not just a text book phrase nurses can wish to provide, at Nuffield Health this is what we do provide, I am able to build relationships with my patients and their families enabling me to deliver care that is tailor made for them from spending time explaining their procedure and after care to sitting with them and working out the complex psychological feelings they are experiencing because they have received some ‘bad news’ or due to a condition there physical appearance is worrying them. I am able to be the nurse who has the time to not only carry out day to day clinical tasks safely but I have the time to support my patients physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially. 

As a nurse leader within Nuffield Hospital working very closely with consultants and senior managers I am able to ensure patients , families and staff are listened to ensuring resources are available to provide high standards of care at all levels. As a senior nurse consultants have respected my clinical expertise as they trust and depend on me to ensure in their absence their patients are cared for by an experienced nurse who is able to make assessments and act quickly when complications occur. As there are not lots of levels of doctors (as in the NHS trust) I am very autonomous and by keeping my knowledge and skills up-to-date I am able to manage patients with complex needs and when I need to contact the consultant they will listen to me as they have confidence I will have made the right assessments and if I am worried about a patient they are quick to respond. My expertise in valued by the consultants and this enables me to ensure I can act as the patients advocate at all times. Keeping up to date with current practices and clinical developments has ensured my expertise is continually valued as I am able evidence the care planned for patients. 

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