Striking the right balance

Londoners spend about three weeks more at work a year than the rest of the UK, according to new data. With an average working week of 33 hours, its important to strike the right balance between work and leisure. Philip Luce, Hospital Director at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in Kensington, gives his advice.

Balancing act

‘Its really important to find out what works for you. This will be different for everyone; some people are workaholics and thrive off the adrenaline, whilst others prefer a more structured working day. Also, those in managerial roles need to be mindful of how their work behaviours can impact their team - scheduling early morning meetings or sending emails late at night can set a precedent for the rest of team to do the same.’   

Feeling overwhelmed

When reviewing your work-life balance it is essential to consider external factors like your relationships, family commitments. If you are getting pressure from your other half - “you’re always checking your work phone!” - it may be to time to readdress things.

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work it can have a significant impact on both your personal life and productivity at work. Its best to seek support from your manager before you reach a point where you can’t cope. You may be able to make some small changes to your routine that will prove to be the solution to your problem.

Try to resolve things as quickly as possible, as worrying about the work place can start to impact on your sleep which can swiftly compound the initial problem.

Keeping active

For those working long days, it can be hard to find time to incorporate exercise into their working week. Why not give the following a try:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift. Initially this may feel like a real struggle but after a week or two you’ll no longer be out of breath when you reach your floor and your legs will feel stronger.
  • If you take the tube or bus to work, have you considered getting off a stop earlier? You could add a 5-10 minute walk in to your day without it impacting your commute too much. Do the same for the return journey and it’ll help clear your head at the end of the day.  

It can be tricky to implement changes in to your daily routine, start with one day a week; once you feel comfortable with that you can build up a day at a time. If your colleagues know what you're trying to achieve they can give you a huge boost, and may even join you in taking the stairs!'

During the summer months I’m going to set my morning alarm 15 minutes earlier so I can walk the last part of my commute. I can’t guarantee it’ll last all year, especially knowing the weather in Blighty, but its a good place to start…

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Striking the right balance

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