Red carpet ready procedures & ‘tweakments’

The ultra-glamourous Oscars captured the attention of the world, with the drama not confined to the films and plenty of surprises; one remaining constant was the sheer level of beauty on display. Our invite got lost in the post but we all have our own special events to go to in our lives whether it’s a ‘work do’, wedding, fundraiser or even a big night out, we all have an occasion where we’d like to look our personal best and then some.  Instead of these events being a source of joy, for some they cause additional stress and insecurity.

With advances in technology making cosmetic treatments more accessible, the key is finding a practitioner who is experienced and accredited. There are so many options now, you may not want or need invasive surgery so let us introduce you to a range of treatments designed to subtly tweak and produce maximum results, also known as ‘tweakments’.


The stars all have their top dermatologists and skin experts so why shouldn’t you? The first step is to have a skin analysis and consult with a specialist. They will advise which treatment (or combination of treatments) will address your concerns and get you looking your best. If you want to maintain beautiful skin then seeing someone regularly will work wonders. Prevention is better than cure so getting a good skincare regime set up, drinking plenty of water and using SPF are your foundations.

We’ve all heard of microdermabrasion and a medical grade microdermabrasion will really refresh your face. Tiny crystals remove the dead skin sitting on the uppermost layers of the skin. This encourages the body to heal itself and increases collagen production in the treated area.

Peels are another great way to get your skin looking its absolute best. A lot of people remember Samantha in Sex And The City with her face looking all red and burnt, thankfully in reality it is nothing like that. Technology has evolved in the last few years. Some peels are very light and you do not actual peel or shed any skin, they are more like advanced facials with outstanding and instant results.

Circadia do brilliant peels for those who have not had one before, they have something for every skin type and are so relaxing and smell divine. An enzyme peel exfoliates thoroughly and encourages skin cell turnover. If you were to combine this with a lactic peel followed by an Oxygen RX treatment you’d have what is aptly named a Red Carpet Facial. Your skin will be fresh with a healthy enviable glow.

Any facial treatment should be done a week or two before your event in case of any possible redness, all depending on the strength of the treatment you have. For some patients great skin is only the beginning, fine lines and expression lines can still make you appear older than you feel! People are no longer going for a frozen “overdone” look but some well-placed anti-wrinkle injections or plumping filler can make an incredible difference. Fuller lips are considered very beautiful right now but it is important to see an aesthetic professional to maintain a natural shape that suits your face type and avoid an unnatural ‘duck’ look.

One of our most popular treatments is the Eight Point Lift also known as a ‘non-surgical’ facelift. By injecting at eight hotspots you can give your face an overall lift and renewed look that can last up to eighteen months. Unlike going under the knife for surgery you benefit from no downtime as this can even be done in your lunch break. 

The Private Clinic can also reshape the nose using injectable treatments with results lasting approximately a year depending on your natural healing rate and lifestyle factors. Some people manage to keep their results for two years! There is a common misconception that adding anything to your nose will only make it appear bigger when in fact you can contour the nose with what we call a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. They can also correct the tip and any lumps or bumps that may be bothering you. With just a bit of swelling, there’s not the extensive downtime you would have with plastic surgery.

Any injectable treatments should be carried out at least a month before the special event, as there is a chance you may have a little swelling and the occasional tiny bruise straight after treatment, all of which fades naturally.


There are also non-surgical treatments for the body to help you rock that killer outfit. For the ladies in beautiful dresses you may want to consider laser hair removal with arms and legs being popular options. You could also think about a radio frequency treatment for cellulite.

While we are on the subject of legs, veins can be a real source of annoyance and distract from the most stylish outfit. Gone are the days of stripping the veins, The Private Clinic offer walk-in, walk-out treatments.

The Private Clinic are veins specialist, their EVLA treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and you can head straight home afterwards. We have a few different methods available but in all cases the vein is simply encouraged to dissolve within the body using laser or foam. It is all perfectly safe as varicose veins are not serving a medical purpose and your blood will reach all areas as needed. They can also laser away those pesky thin ‘spider veins’ you may see.

Now we all know about those stubborn areas, even after eating well, working out AND taking the stairs at every opportunity, you just can’t shift those little pockets. Liposuction might sound like an extreme option but they specialise in minimally invasive liposuction which can be done under general anaesthetic with no overnight stay.  A little probe turns the fat into liquid which is then sucked away giving you that dream toned body hiding underneath. No stitches are needed and you’re back to your routine in a matter of days. You can treat all the usual problem areas including stomach, thighs and upper arms safely and quickly.


Often known as your crowning glory, hair loss can be a real issue for anyone. Some are happy to cover it with wigs, sprays or have found a course of medication that helps. The Private Clinic find the most effective long-term solution is a transplant. As it’s using your own hair from a thicker healthier donor area the hair then grows in the desired location as normal. This can be done under local anaesthetic with patients leaving the same day and going back to their routines quickly. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique performed at The Private Clinic by world-famous and respected doctors is favourable. In some cases this can be done without needing to shave all of your hair if any at all. Perfect for those with long hair or those who have to go straight back to work. You would probably want to do this six months to a year before the event to make sure you are seeing the final result.

With all treatments timing is key. Make sure you are treated the correct amount of time before your event, check with your practitioner regarding your downtime if there is any at all. Be sure to book well in advance! It sounds like a lot of work but they can help you map out a calendar building up to the event. So why not be the star of the show? The Private Clinic can help you unlock the best version of yourself.

Because it’s your body.

They have some of the most experienced and highly qualified medical staff working at The Private Clinic and have been pioneering and using the most advanced treatments in the industry for over thirty years. All of their surgeons are accredited with GMC numbers and their clinics are regularly inspected by the CQC.

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation please see our website or call 03339209135.

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