One-Stop Fertility Test

A “One-Stop” Fertility Test was pioneered by Dr.Nargund and her team in 2001. It can be done at lunch hour or within an hour.

This test is done using out-patient advanced 3D-Doppler ultrasound scan to check the lining of your womb, ovarian reserve (reserve of eggs) and to check the blood flow to your ovaries and womb. You may require an additional blood test to check the hormone Anti-Mullerian Hormone. The test is non-invasive done with a simple ultrasound scan. A tubal patency test (to check that fallopian tubes are open) called “HycoSy” can also be performed at the same time if necessary.

This test is not painful as the X-Ray test HSG (HysteroSalpingography). Since there is no exposure to x-rays; it allows you to try for a pregnancy in the same cycle.

This article on one stop fertility tests is written by Geeta Nargund, FRCOG, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine at Create Health Clinic, Harley Street, London.

It is simply aimed at checking the Seed, Soil and Passage involved in Conception.

The detailed 3D – Doppler ultrasound scan is used to examine the following:

  • The size of your ovaries
  • Antral Follicle Count (egg sacs) in your ovaries
  • The blood flow to your ovaries
  • The inside cavity of your womb and the lining of your womb
  • For fibroids or other problems with your womb
  • The blood flow to your womb and the lining of your womb
  • The fallopian tubes for patency

You are required to take antibiotics two days before the test if you would like your fallopian tubes tested. There is no need for antibiotics if you are having an “ovarian reserve” scan. The research shows that if blood flow to your ovaries is good, you are more likely to produce good quality eggs and similarly if the blood flow to your womb is adequate, you are more likely to conceive and furthermore less likely to miscarry. Recent scientific research also confirms that ovarian follicle count; size and blood flow can indicate quantity and quality of eggs.

  • Your partner can have a detailed sperm test at the same time. The sperm analysis will be carried out by expert embryologists.
  • It is an assessment of Seed, Soil and Passage involved in conception using advanced ultrasound test.

This is aimed at reducing the stress of repeated fertility tests and also giving an expert opinion.

  •  Most importantly, you are able to discuss the results with fertility expert and get advice about options for treatment if required.

You will receive “life-style” advice to help you to conceive naturally if the results do not indicate the need for treatment.

The “One-Stop” Fertility Assessment using ultrasound technology has been pioneered by the consultants at Create Health Clinic and published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Human Reproduction in 2001.

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One-Stop Fertility Test