Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer

A breast enlargement with fat transfer procedure is a safe alternative to implant surgery. The Private Clinic explains more.

Many women feel that their breast size and shape affects their body confidence. For some, having excessively large breasts can cause pain, physical impairment and psychological problems. For others, who are naturally small breasted, their chest size can make them feel under confident and self-conscious about their appearance.

There are a number of factors that can cause breasts to droop or lose their fullness, including weight loss, breastfeeding, ageing and genes. A breast enlargement procedure can help to improve the shape and size of the breast, as well as increase the self-esteem and confidence of the patient.

The Treatment

A breast enlargement with fat transfer procedure is a safe alternative to implant surgery and involves the removal of fat from other areas of your body such as your legs or abdomen and transferring it into the breast area.

The fat transfer procedure involves an advanced technology to produce a pure and highly effective fat graft for use in autologous fat transfers, making it possible to create larger breasts without the need for implants. The treatment is minimally invasive meaning that a hospital stay is not required and that there is no need for general anaesthetic, making the recovery far quicker than traditional breast implant surgery.

As implants are not used, the final result is a soft, natural look. The fat is taken from stubborn pockets of fat typically from the abdomen or thighs, so you can also reshape ‘problem’ areas of your body that may not respond to diet or exercise.

What are the advantages of having a breast enlargement with fat transfer?

  • A breast enlargement, using your own fat is the most natural alternative to implants currently available
  • The session is two procedures in one, areas of the body are slimmed down during the fat removal process and the breasts are enhanced
  • There are no silicone breast implants and therefore no foreign bodies used
  • The procedure requires no general anaesthetic, and therefore no lengthy period of time off work
  • The results are permanent, unlike with implants which may need replacing at a later date
  • Soft natural looking results
  • The Private Clinic have performed 100s of procedures to date, the highest number in the UK

How soon after the procedure until I see results?

You will see results straight away, however during the months after the treatment, results will improve as the implanted fat becomes a part of your breasts.

The results are permanent, as long as you keep your weight stable; however the implanted fat will change and evolve naturally as your body ages.

We are the UK’s leading authority in minimally invasive fat removal procedures, and have some of the most experienced doctors in the industry working with us. We were the first in Europe to use the PureGraft™ system for fat transfer and we have performed more breast reshaping procedures than any other UK clinic.

Find out more about Breast Enhancement procedures with fat transfer.

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