How to choose right breast implants

There are many choices to be made when configuring your breast implants, for example, the brand, shape, projection, size and position. Each makes a big difference to your outcome and is therefore important to think about. By choosing an expert qualified surgeon, however, you can be confident you’ll have the necessary guidance and advice about each option, and assured you are recommended the most suitable choices for you.

Here to help, The Private Clinic lay out important information about the options available. Providing expert advice, The Private Clinic have treated patients for more than 30 years, successfully achieving a 5 Star Trustpilot rating, and offering some of the UK’s top consultant plastic surgeons for their breast augmentation procedures.

What brand is best?

There are many available breast implants to choose from, but The Private Clinic would recommend just a few.

Checking the brand has a certified body’s approval and CE Mark approval is essential. With only these brands approved for UK use, you can rely on effective implants and future protection. Such information can be hard to find alone, so careful selection of a surgeon and clinic is crucial. It’s also important to check if the clinic is fully CQC registered and the surgeon appears on the GMC register. The important bodies have been put in place for your protection! A risk to your results and health, The Private Clinic cautions that clinics abroad cannot protect you, and may lack similar forces.

What shape do I choose?

Your choices of shape are Round and Teardrop. If you want to achieve fullness at the top of the breasts, with a soft and proportioned appearance, Round implants can achieve just that. The Private Clinic advise that these are also best if you already have some breast tissue, and experience little or no dropping.

If you are after a more natural look, tear drop shapes are a more suitable option. Appearing as an oval shape at the front, with more volume towards the bottom of the implant, they can result in more naturally shaped breasts. These are also best if you lack breast tissue. Stopping the breasts appearing uneven, these implants are often textured to prevent rotating or flipping.

What profile (projection) choices are available?

Another important factor is the breast profile. This determines what the projection length from your chest wall is. Here are the available choices of profile and what they offer:

  1. Low Profile: Offers the shortest forward projection and often best for those wanting to balance a wider frame.
  2. Moderate Profile: Probably the most ‘normal’ option to choose, providing a more natural-looking round fullness and ample volume. These are popular with those aiming to widen their chests appearance.
  3. High Profile: Creating a more pronounced projection, a better option for patients not looking for as much chest width.
  4. Extra-High Profile: Offering the greatest projection length versus the diameter base, meaning they are more suitable for those aiming for a pronounced depth with a smaller chest diameter.

Don’t forget, the projection will never be a fixed distance, but a ratio that is calculated according to the implant bases’ diameter. So the profile needed to achieve your required results will be individual to you.

What size should I choose?

Before you decide on the shape and projection, you must pick your size. This is a big and difficult decision to make, however an expert surgeon would recommend the range of sizes appropriate for you, provide thorough advice and allow you to try different sized implants.

Breast implant sizes are different to cup sizes, and measured in cubic centimetres (CC). The basics are fairly simple; a higher number means a large size. However, as a rough guideline, each 150-200 ccs is approximately one to one and a half breast cup sizes. But this can greatly vary, with your amount of breast tissue and chest width being significant factors in this change. For example, two people wanting the cup size may need very different implant sizes.

What are the implant position options?

Another important factor for consideration is where to position the implants – underneath the muscle (submuscular), over the muscle (subglandular), or dual-plane (partially underneath the muscle).

Submuscular means more tissue covers the implant and less chance of visible ripples or firmness. This position, however, can be more painful with a longer recovery time, particularly if you have sagging in the breasts, usually additionally requiring a breast lift.

Subglandular – over the muscle and under the tissue, can be beneficial for those looking for quicker recovery, or for those with sufficient natural breast tissue for covering the implant, without a feeling of firmness or rippling from the implant. This can be a great option for those experiencing dropping, and looking for larger breasts without the need for a breast lift. 

Dual Plane, on the other hand, is a skilled treatment combining both placements to be able to lift the breast without needing a full breast lift.

The best position for you, however, can only be decided by your surgeon. There is also no one best position; it’s down to the shape you want to achieve and your natural figure. Listening to the surgeon’s advice is the best thing you can do.

So which is best for me?

When making these choices, it is very important to think very carefully about the finish you are looking to achieve. A good doctor will have significant experience and be able to listen to your needs and show examples of how you could look with different projections, shapes and services. If you are not happy with anything your surgeon suggests, it’s always important to tell them. They want you to be fully satisfied with your Breast Augmentation results, and can only ensure that if you are open with each aspect.

Also remember that breast implants are not the only solution. Sagging within the breast region could be more effectively resolved with a Breast Uplift. Or a Fat Transfer may be a better option if you are after very subtle volume versus an increase in size. It is important to speak with experts, as only they will know what can create your desired results.

The Private Clinic only work with the UK’s most experienced and reputable surgeons, catering to patients’ individual needs, achieving outstanding results and maintaining the highest standard of patient care. If you would like to book a consultation with one of their specialist Breast Augmentation Surgeons please call 0333 920 9135 or visit The Private Clinic’s website.

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