How to change your relationship with alcohol

The Daily Telegraph – 4 February 2017

The Daily Telegraph compiled ‘The Healthy 100’ – a list of 100 habits to help hone your health.

Dr William Shanahan, Medical Director and Lead Addiction Consultant Psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital London has shared 10 comprehensive tips on how to change your relationship with alcohol within this.

  1. Loose the illusion that alcohol is necessary for joy
  2. Know your limits
  3. Get real about your units
  4. Don’t drink and drive at all
  5. Don’t arrive first at a bar or restaurant as you will have an extra drink while waiting
  6. When you get home, brush your teeth immediately – you are less likely to have a nightcap
  7. Never let waiters or anyone else top up your glass
  8. Get real about measurements
  9. Try to stick to one unit per hour
  10. Never combine alcohol and cocaine

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