With James Nesbitt making headlines discussing his hair transplant procedures, The Private Clinic has seen a massive increase in enquires. One of the points that keeps coming up is how he states:

“It was something I struggled with. And that was probably the vanity in me. But also, career-wise, it had an impact. In terms of the range of leading roles I’ve had since then, it’s probably helped.”

Gents (and some ladies) are deciding that a hair transplant will give them more confidence in the boardroom which is a departure from the idea of attracting or impressing someone. You may remember Irishman James Nesbitt from Cold Feet, which ended in 2003, as he became a household name playing Adam Williams. He has more recently been in The Hobbit, The Missing and the new series of Cold Feet. He asserts that his improved hairline and overall younger appearance have led him to secure his new roles and he’s enjoyed a return to the spotlight.

It looks like he was as the Norwood stage 4A before his first transplant. His hair had receded substantially and it was becoming noticeable. He now looks age-appropriate with the right amount of density. Now you may or may not have a career in the public eye but you may still feel that you want to subscribe to a certain look. Looking healthy sends a signal to those around you that you are strong and have plenty of time ahead of you to achieve more.

For better or worse, appearance is a deciding factor in career progression. This goes for your first interview right through to progression within a company. If your ‘face fits’ then there’s a good chance other weaknesses can be forgiven. It’s human nature for people to build teams of people who are like them or are how they perceive themselves to be. So looking successful makes it more likely that people will want you on board.

So what are the options?

The first step for many, especially younger patients, is a trichologist. They will be able to determine what is causing the hair to change and also define exactly what is happening: thinning, balding, receding and shedding are all very different. They might prescribe some products that will help preserve or fix the hair.

After some time and research you may want to consider a hair transplant. This means moving the hair from a healthier growth area to the areas that need restoration. As it’s your own hair your body accepts it and it grows as normal. For more information on what a hair transplant procedure entails please see our website. 

At The Private Clinic they do not believe in fads or trends but do encourage patients to make informed decisions and have access to the best cosmetic surgery options available. If your lack of hair or lost hairline bothers you and you would like to improve it we want to help you do that in the safest way possible with the most discreet and natural looking results.

Fixing your hair is a purely cosmetic treatment, it is highly unlikely that not having a perfect head of hair is going to impact your ability to do your job. In some cases though hair loss can really impact self-esteem. If your confidence levels are low then so are your focus levels. This leads to a vicious cycle of underperforming and can impact you socially and romantically as well. If your hair does not bother you then more power to you! But if it does then there is no need to feel ashamed about wanting to do something to remedy it. Think about how you felt when you got a tailored suit or designer watch or bag, or anything that you know made you feel good. Now remember how assertive you are when you feel that confident, it’s likely you can think of a few examples of those days going well. A good hair head of hair can do the same.

James Nesbitt also said: “I was very happy to be open about it. I just thought, ‘Come on, somebody is going to say it before I say it’. We respect everyone’s right to privacy but we also appreciate when patients speak out about their treatments. With so many options on the market it can be really hard for people to know where to turn, so having an actor of  James Nesbitt’s calibre shed light on just how good a hair transplant can look really helps direct people to just how effective a hair transplant can be. It also helps eliminate the stigma surrounding getting it done."

The Private Clinic's doors are open to everyone, they see builders, business directors, parents, teachers and the rich and famous. Their goal is to provide the best quality treatments with leading medical staff using the latest technology to give you personalised results that met your expectations. As with all treatments the more research you do the better, although it is minimally invasive and a walk-in, walk-out procedure with little downtime, you must still consider what is best for you.

Their leading hair transplant doctors  – Dr. Reddy and Dr. Zioga in London Harley Street , Dr. Tam in Leeds and Bristol, Dr. Mouzakis in Birmingham and Dr. Kunnure in Manchester and Glasgow perform  the most advanced Hair Transplants available. See their website for more.

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