When choosing to have breast surgery, patients are often keen to know how their breasts are going to look after their implant, uplift, or reduction surgery but for patients going ahead with an implant removal procedure then knowing what is going to happen to their breasts post-surgery can be a big concern. 

There are many reasons as to why women would choose to remove their breast implants, and these include:

  • Unhappy with appearance – Over time, patients may decide their implants are too big and are unhappy with the appearance of them.
  • Change of mind – Some may simply decide they do not want the implants anymore and choose to remove them.
  • Culture trends - Many decide that their implants no longer fit with their lifestyles and choose to have them removed.
  • Medical Reasons – Capsular contracture, Breast implant Illness (BII), Breast Implant Rupture and BIA-ALCL is Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma are all potential risks of breast implant surgery and occurrence often results in the implants being removed.
  • Implant Integrity – Patients who have PIP implants in particular have been advised to have them removed.

In all instances, patients are often given the option of implant removal or breast implant replacement and where your surgeon will be able to guide you on the best treatment techniques and a suitable replacement implant if choosing to exchange your implants.  

But for patients seeking implant removal alone. Knowing how their breasts are going to look afterwards can be an anxious time. So what does happen to your breasts once breast implants are removed?

The overall result of implant removal surgery is going to vary from person to person as there are a few factors that will determine the final result. So for example, removing a 200cc implant is going to give a different outcome when compared with removing a 600cc implant. 

There are a number of factors that your surgeon will assess before you decide to go ahead with an implant removal procedure:

 - Skin Quality - If you have good quality skin elasticity, then your skin is more likely to ‘bounce back’.

 - Implant Size - Larger implants can result in redundant skin which additional surgery may be required to correct.

 - Breast Tissue - Your natural breast tissue may have changed since before you had the implants inserted which could mean your natural breast size could be smaller or larger than before surgery. 

 - Life experiences – Certain life experiences such as pregnancy, breast feeding, and weight loss or gain can have the potential to influence the factors above.

When you first have your implants removed, your breasts may initially look and feel empty, but this is just a temporary result. We say to allow a few days for your body to realise that the implants are gone, and your breasts will begin their healing process and start to reform to their previous shape.

The final results of breast implant removal surgery can take 3-4 weeks and during this time your breasts will continue to change. Many patients are surprised to see how much their skin has rebound from the stretching that was caused by their implants.

The majority of patients are actually very happy with how their breasts look after their implants have been removed but it is also not uncommon for patients to choose additional surgery to help improve their appearance to one that they are more comfortable with.

Additional surgery such as a breast uplift or auto augmentation can be performed at the same time as an implant removal. In some cases patients choose to wait and see what their results are like post-recovery before deciding on further procedures. 

Our experienced team of plastic surgeons at The Private Clinic are able to advise patients on the best treatment plan after examining your breasts, knowing the size of your implants and your goals from surgery.

The Private Clinic is renowned for setting high standards in the cosmetic industry and we value our excellent reputation for patient safety and satisfaction. From the first consultation through to your first-class aftercare, our patients also receive access to a 24-hour help line should you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout your recovery. 

We have some of the most experienced and well-respected surgeons in the industry as part of our breast implant team including:

To find out more about Breast Implant removal surgery at The Private Clinic, visit our website or give us a call on 03339209135 to book a consultation

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