Young people 'drinking too much'

Young people who drink alcohol are consuming far too much, the Institute of Alcohol Studies has warned. Dr Adrian Bonner, director of the thinktank, noted that although there has been a drop in the number of young people who drink "problematically", there is still an issue among those who drink heavily.

He explained that there is growing concern about the risk of alcohol harm in the UK and Europe, commenting that it is now almost 70 per cent more affordable than it was a decade ago.

"It is quite controversial as to whether minimum pricing or taxation is the way forward. But certainly, to make alcohol less affordable, is a very important way forward," Dr Bonner observed.

"The fact that alcohol is much more affordable when bought from a supermarket than a pub, for instance, indicates that more focus should be on the off-trade sales."

Last month, a report published in the British Medical Journal revealed that there is an association between heavy drinking and ischemic heart disease.

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Young people 'drinking too much'
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