Wristband reduces nausea after surgery

A new acupressure wristband has been found to significantly reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) in procedures such as plastic and cosmetic surgery, breast surgery and cancer treatment.

A study conducted at a US hospital has revealed that the five inch wristband, Pressure Right, reduces the unpleasant after-effects of surgery to a very low level, even in high-risk patients.

The bands produced promising results when used in conjunction with other methods of preventing PONV, including 5-HT 3 blockers, dexamethasone, and the avoidance of nitrous oxide, said Joseph DiLustro, president and CEO of Therapeutics: 101, the company which manufactures and distributes Pressure Right.

"The use of antiemetic drug regimens seems to be only part of the PONV solution," Mr DiLustro revealed.

"In high-risk PONV surgery procedures, including gynaecology, laparoscopy, plastic surgery, ENT, breast surgery and neurosurgery, the undertaking of a multi-modal approach is becoming increasingly necessary to ensure a much lower incidence of PONV."

The bands, which have been developed primarily for patients undergoing surgical procedures and chemotherapy, are reported to be free from side effects.

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Wristband reduces nausea after surgery
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