UK 'not taking action against cholesterol'

A recent survey has revealed that people in the UK are not tackling the issue of high cholesterol.

Conducted by Kellogg's Optivita, the study found that a fifth of those questions who had had a cholesterol test and tested positive, have not since made any changes to their diet and their lifestyle.

In addition, around one in three women had not had a test in the first place, compared to one in four men.

Dr Ayan Panja, a medic and GP, said that cholesterol is something that people should be more aware of as a health risk.

"It will actually clog up your arteries and potentially lead to a heart attack or a stroke, that is exactly the reason why we should all be aware of it," he said.

"If it is high, you can do something about it and make sure you reduce it but you are not going to know whether it is high until you've had it tested."


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UK 'not taking action against cholesterol'
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