The true cost of beauty

New research by QVC has revealed the true cost of looking good and it’s a lot more than you would think…

It has been calculated that British women fork out a staggering £133,575 on their looks over a lifetime.  However, this is based on a yearly spend of £2,055 which has been simply multiplied by 65 years, which sounds more manageable; especially when you consider that this includes hair cuts and colouring, creams, cosmetics and non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX®.

The top areas of spend were:

  • Staying in shape – £717
  • Hairstyling/products – £405
  • Facial care (creams and non-surgical treatments) – £289

Over 50% of women prefer to spend money and time on their faces rather than bodies; after all your face is the most visible area and also the most complex in terms of delicate skin, sun exposure and skin conditions; although over a third of the spend per year is on the body.

82% of women stated that they maintained their looks primarily for themselves, although 26% did confess that their beauty regimes were to please a partner.

However, when it comes to men, the tables are turned and 63% claimed that a good body was more important to them than maintaining a good-looking face.

Men spend an average of just £75,030 on their appearance in a lifetime, 45% less than their female counterparts. Top spend areas for men were:

  • Staying in shape – £543
  • Facial care (shaving, moisturising and non-surgical treatments) – £220
  • Hairstyling/products – £179

David Ross, CEO of The Hospital Group, commented: “This research confirms that investing in yourself is important to people.  Our own figures have shown buoyant enquiries for non-surgical treatments this year despite the economic climate.  Our patients tell us that maintaining their appearances is vital to their confidence and something that they will continue to invest in.

The Hospital Group now has over 20 clinics across the country, offering treatments such as BOTOX, Juvederm fillers and Glykopeel facial peels with highly trained practitioners.  We are investing in expanding this network to make it even more convenient for our patients, as well as continually improving the facilities themselves, ensuring high quality clinic environments, to ensure that any treatment takes place in modern, comfortable surroundings. 

With regard to cosmetic surgery enquiries, while breast procedures such as breast enlargement and uplift remain the most popular requests, we are seeing notable growth in facial and body procedures, which is in line with QVC’s findings.  Facial rejuvenation procedures such as the brow lift and eye bag removal are chosen to keep the face looking young and fresh; as well as in body reshaping procedures such as thetummy tuck and liposuction.”


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The true cost of beauty
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