Timely varicose vein treatment

Consumers with varicose veins should consider getting them treated as the condition can otherwise lead to serious problems, an expert has claimed.

According to Mark Whiteley, consultant vascular surgeon and founder of the Whiteley Clinic, varicose veins will continue to deteriorate if left untreated and are not the purely cosmetic problem that most people seem to think they are.

Mr Whiteley cited a study carried out in 1985 that showed that over half of cases of leg ulcers are due to untreated varicose veins.

"If you have true varicose veins - not just thread veins - we know that they will just keep deteriorating. The risks from them are clotting of the veins themselves… You can get itching and aching followed by skin damage around the ankles," he revealed.

The varicose vein specialist said that procedures now cost around half the price that they used to as they no longer have to be performed under a general anaesthetic.

"People walk in, have a cup of tea, have it done and go home half an hour later," he added.

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Timely varicose vein treatment
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