'Think twice about the pill' women urged

Women have been encouraged to think carefully about their sexual health.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that women taking the pill were at the highest risk of Female Sexual Dysfunction.

The research was conducted at the German University of Heidelberg and looked at over 1,000 medical students.

Commenting on the findings, Alexandra Pope, a psychotherapist and co-author of The pill: are you sure it's for you?, suggested women would benefit from thinking twice about using the pill as a contraceptive.

"There has been lots of evidence and research on the pill and sexual dysfunction. The pill reduces testosterone in the body, which is one of the key things," she said.

The expert added that there were a number of side effects of which women should be aware.

"With this drug there has been vast research on the proven side effects of hormonal contraception which includes mood disorders, weight gain and libido problems."

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'Think twice about the pill' women urged
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