Thailand for quality treatment at low prices

Millions of foreigners have been flocking to Thailand for hospital treatment in recent years, helping to make the country a hotspot for medical tourism.

Although the nation's doctors are particularly well-known for their expertise in sex change operations, the treatment possibilities also include all kinds of cosmetic surgery.

According to the Thai tourism agency, 1.28 million foreigners travelled to Thailand for treatment abroad in 2005, a figure which is expected to rise by ten per cent this year, the Khaleej Times reports.

The majority are seeking nose surgery, breast enhancements or liposuction, according to Greechart Pornsinsirirak, head of plastic surgery at Yanhee Hospital, which is one of the 33 internationally-accredited hospitals in Thailand.

"The result is good and it is a very cheap price when compared to home," he tells the Khaleej Times.

"For our patients, nearly 100 percent say the service is very good when they compare it with their country," he adds.


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Thailand for quality treatment at low prices
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