Survey reveals poor prostate cancer awareness

Three quarters of men are uncertain of the signs of prostate cancer, according to a new survey.

Male cancer charity Everyman found that just one in ten respondents believe men to be as informed about their health as women, and one third admitted that they would be too embarrassed to discuss concerns about prostate cancer with their male friends.

The charity is attempting to increase awareness of prostate cancer and is calling for increased funding to develop new cancer treatments and improve understanding of the disease.

Professor Colin Cooper, head of the Everyman Campaign, said that it is "imperative" that the disease is brought to the forefront of cancer awareness and research.

"We need to not only continue to raise awareness but also continue to drive funding into this area," he said.

"Prostate cancer research is ten years behind research for other major cancers, and this is largely due to lack of funding," the professor added.

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in the UK, with one man dying from the disease every hour.

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Survey reveals poor prostate cancer awareness
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