Stigmatisation 'still surrounds eating disorders'

Sufferers of eating disorders are still struggling with the stigmatisation of the conditions.

This is according to recent comments from Emma Healey, chief operating officer at eating disorders charity beat.

Ms Healey added that young people often find it hard to accept that there is a problem and will avoid discussing it, fearing that there problem is "silly".

The comments follow news that chef Nigella Lawson has acknowledged in an article in the Telegraph that obsessive eating can be "corrosive".

Ms Healey noted that there can sometimes be separate issues tied up with boys and men who are suffering from an eating disorder.

"Many young men will over-exercise at the same time as restricting their eating, and so hide their disorder even more effectively," she said.

"More boys are being diagnosed with eating disorders, but more GPs still need to be made aware that eating disorders affect everyone regardless of age or gender." 


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Stigmatisation 'still surrounds eating disorders'
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