Some cosmetic surgery ops 'more popular among men'

The cosmetic surgery procedure otoplasty (ear reshaping) was performed on more men than women in 2009, a leading provider has revealed.

According to the Hospital Group, the procedure is one of the company's most popular operations as overly obvious ears can cause great emotional distress.

However, the simple procedure can considerably improve patients' appearance, making them feel more confident about the way they look.

"We carry out more ear reshaping procedures on men as they tend to suffer with this problem a lot more than women do," a spokesperson for the Hospital Group revealed.

"Women more commonly grow their hair and therefore can cover ears they are not completely satisfied with," the expert explained.

The Hospital Group operates 19 clinics and hospitals across the UK and Ireland, at which it offers cosmetic surgery, obesity surgery, hair transplantation, non-surgical cosmetic treatments and cosmetic dentistry.

Patients are able to use the company's door-to-door chauffeur service, which ensures people can get to and from hospital and helps to reduce the stress of surgery.


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Some cosmetic surgery ops 'more popular among men'
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