Smokers 'should team-up to quit'

Smokers have been encouraged to quit their habit with the help of friends.

A recent campaign in the EU is asking people from all over Europe to share their tips with others in order to help people to "stub out their cigarettes for good".

The campaign highlights research which suggests that smokers are twice as likely to maintain cessation if they have a partner to quit with.

Alison Walsh, youth presenter advisor at QUIT, commented: "I think the more ideas and tips you give people, the greater the chance that they're going to find a way that works for them."

She added: "Evidence has shown that the cravings that you get when you initially stop smoking, at their most intense, last about five minutes.

"If, in the time, you have a smoking buddy and you text them, that can occupy those few minutes when the cravings at their worst. It can keep you motivated."

Around 8.5 million people in England alone are estimated to want to quit smoking.


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Smokers 'should team-up to quit'
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