Sleep disorders 'prevented with good bedtime routines'

Patients suffering with sleep disorders could make simple changes to their night-time habits to increase the chances of having a good night's rest.

Sammy Margo, a sleep expert who wrote The Good Sleep Guide, said implementing a bedtime routine was a positive step to preventing the problems.

If individuals understand that they cannot just go to bed, close their eyes and instantly fall asleep, but start the process an hour before then they have more chance of sleeping, the specialist stated.

"We need to be gradually wound down - we haven't got an on-off switch," Ms Margo added.

She advised people to avoid confrontation and the news before they retire to bed and said activities like taking a bath and having a hot drink of milk can also help.

Patients with severe sleep disorders can see a specialist about cognitive therapy and stimulus control, states the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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Sleep disorders 'prevented with good bedtime routines'
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