Scottish men opt for cosmetic surgery to remedy 'man boobs'

Scottish men are opting for cosmetic surgery as they are insecure about excess chest fat giving them 'man boobs'.

A study by Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group has found that demand for man boob jobs or 'moob jobs' has increased by 44 per cent across the UK.

This is compared to a staggering 80 per cent increase in the surgical procedure in clinics in Scotland.

Shami Thomas, spokesperson for Transform, commented: "Unfortunately for many men, and women, there is an element of fear surrounding summer months because it means having to wear skimpy clothes which reveal every flaw.

"When you should be relaxing on the beach or at a pool party, many holidays are overshadowed by anxiety and tension over exposing body hang-ups."

She added that men with the affliction often try to compensate by wearing layers and find that they are too hot and uncomfortable as a result.

In other news, a YouGov poll found that one in six men in the UK said they were worried that their alcohol consumption could lead to them developing 'man boobs', reports OnMedica.

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Scottish men opt for cosmetic surgery to remedy 'man boobs'
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