Rural regions 'experiencing binge drinking problems'

Young people in rural areas are more likely to indulge in binge drinking than their urban counterparts.

This is according to research led by Dr Carolin Donath, from the Psychiatric University Clinic Erlangen.

The team looked at over 44,000 15 and 16-year olds from Germany and discovered that 93 per cent of those from the countryside had tried alcohol, compared with 86 per cent of those from urban areas.

In addition, 78 per cent of rural teenagers surveyed admitted to binge drinking, compared with 74 per cent of those in the cities.

Dr Donath commented: "Whilst there is awareness of the problems of binge drinking in towns and cities, this study demonstrates that both drinking and binge drinking are as much of a problem for rural teenagers."

Binge drinking is linked with a number of serious health problems, the paper noted.

Long-term drinking can lead to brain damage, memory issues and heart disease and cancer.

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Rural regions 'experiencing binge drinking problems'
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